DEKRA Technology Center

Your safety advantage for mobility progress

Mobility is a tremendous asset. Regardless of whether it is the transport of individuals or goods, it will not work without mobility. Incidents often lead to high costs and far worse even human suffering. Major incidents are often caused by accidents. The nature of accidents is as varied as the types of mobility. Road traffic in particular is very hazardous with its different participants. The same road area is used from pedestrians to HGVs. Conflicts, which are encountered by a number of measures, are therefore pre-programmed. The number of road traffic accidents has decreased slightly over the years thanks to infrastructure measures, improved vehicles and not least also extensive training. This should be recorded as a huge success in light of the significantly increased number of vehicles and enhanced driving performance. The clear decrease in the number of deaths caused by road accidents over the last few years is a sign of successful road safety work. However, there is still a huge need for more action.


Examples from DEKRA's accident research services:

  • Statistical analysis of accident figures in Germany and Europe
  • In-depth analysis of traffic accident causes
  • Deduction of opportunities for improvement in vehicle engineering, infrastructure, driver training and rescue measures
  • Investigation of pre-crash phases to support development and deduction of potential benefits of driver assistant systems


We test vehicles according to international regulations

With our tests our main job is to consider the vehicle as a whole system and carry out the entire range of approval tests so that your quality standards are right. A test and measuring track designed according to state of the art standards can be found at the DEKRA Test Oval.

Homologation and certification

We do not do things by halves.

There is no such thing as can't. Our highly qualified personnel advise, test and certify anything that is to to succeed on the aftermarket later on. Whether you require international EC type approval for sports sound absorbers, expert appraisals for vehicle parts for spoilers or general type approval for the whole vehicle, we get you to your destination the fastest way with maximum legal certainty.