Automobil Test Center

The DEKRA Automobile Test Center

Equipped with state of the art technology and extensive test tracks the DATC is the right partner for the development of vehicles and vehicle components and product monitoring and observation.

The DEKRA Automobile Test Center at EuroSpeedway Lausitz, an integral component of the DEKRA Technology Center, is divided into four centres of excellence, so-called modules. Each one of these modules is assigned a specific key field of activity. There you will find the appropriate expertise, relevant technical facilities and equipment and your professional contact partner. 

  • Module 1: whole vehicle / chassis / driving dynamics / vehicle parts
  • Module 2: engine / exhaust emission / powertrain
  • Module 3: car body / interior / exterior / strength tests
  • Module 4: noise / vibration / comfort

The advantages of this modular structure are obvious: a high degree of specialisation is combined with great flexibility and short decision-making paths into a pool of comprehensive information, technology and expertise. This produces synergies, increases efficiency and makes it possible to act in a completely interdisciplinary way for tremendous rapid success in research and development.

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Automobil Test Center
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