We test vehicles according to international regulations

With our tests our main job is to consider the vehicle as a whole system and carry out the whole spectrum of approval tests so that your quality standards are right.

Material testing

We monitor to make sure material is not worn out too quickly. Only someone who knows all the individual hazards can estimate which risks have to be considered on the whole. We therefore test extensively: from the break and shatter resistance of safety glass and materials similar to glass, to the energy absorbing capability of materials and their penetration resistance, to the durability of vehicle parts. As the best protection is hazard prevention.

Braking systems/driver assistant systems

We apply the brakes to speed up progress in vehicle safety. Safety requirements are increasing alongside the development of ever faster speeds in cars. This is why braking systems and driver assistant systems are being constantly improved and tested by us. With our technical expertise and experience we know what is important for our customers to always come to a halt when it is necessary.