Accident Research

Accident research for better road safety

Research on road safety and the nature of accidents

Accident statistics have been displaying a pleasing trend over the last few years - less accident victims despite an increase in vehicle density. In order to ensure that this positive trend continues, accident research for the benefit of road safety is a key concern for DEKRA. DEKRA accident research, which deals with various road safety services and the analysis of the causes of real accidents, has existed since 1978.


DEKRA accident research activities are just as multifaceted as the nature of real accidents. Our work ranges from minor collisions to major pile-ups and from fire tests to crash barrier failures. Driving dynamics tests to establish the potential benefits of active safety systems and the reconstruction and analysis of a number of accident scenarios are carried out using theoretical approaches, accumulated knowledge and practical tests for the benefit of road safety.


Our services include:

  • Customer-specific analysis of real accidents
  • Assessments of the potential benefits of new safety systems
  • Analysis of driving dynamics tests
  • Compilation of training material
  • Execution of European research projects
  • Advisory role with the creation of new standards and laws
  • Support with the compilation of guidelines for accident rescue
  • Analysis of the safety of vehicles run on alternative fuels
  • Work on committees at national and international level

Our extensive databases and the possibility of accessing analytical expertise on accidents are the basis for the acquisition of important knowledge to provide options for improving safe mobility. Customers are the car industry and its suppliers, as well as public authorities and associations. In this way, DEKRA accident research makes a significant contribution to better road safety on our streets and all over Europe.

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